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I’ve come this far and this is what I have learned

I have been an independent midwife here in Barcelona for 4 and a 1/2 years now and in that time I have learned  many things but the most important things are these; birth works and women can birth naturally and normally when they are given the time and space to do so. there is not … More


Its been ages since I have stopped to write anything. In this time I have attended some amazing births and I must say that they have affected me so deeply that I am in the process of changing not only how I practice but how I live. I can not explain in this one blog … More

Dar la luz by the sea

Birth is with out doubt a powerful experience and I feel that home birth can be even more so. This is because in a families own space they can feel safer to really let go and do what ever they need to birth their bay. My last birth is still buzzing in my head and has actually … More

Togetherness and Pure love

I met this couple when they were 33 weeks pregnant. They were looking for an alternative and I was recommended to them. At our first meeting I immediately felt a connection with them. I explained my work and we chatted for an hour about the state of health care in Spain. Later that week they took me on as their midwife … More

Yes you can little mama

A young lady and man came to see me a little while back. They wanted a home birth. It was their first baby. They were in their early twenties and had met in South America. They travelled around living free for over a year together and then found they were pregnant. The young woman was from Spain while … More

Home pool birth of a 36 weeker (the joy and light)

A baby is considered full term from 37 weeks and legally here we can only deliver at home from 37 weeks but sometimes we do deliver 36 week + babies. One week prior to this deliver my colleagues and I did our home visit with M and J. They were prepared and ready for baby to come. The … More

Birth of La negrita

Birth of La negrita After 2 visits to give support in pre labour, I arrived at your home at 01;20. You are with your beautiful friend and doula. You are contracting well and all is calm, I listen to baby and wait with you for a while, learning your rhythm and song of birth. I ask if … More

Its all too beautiful

I must say my last birth was just so powerful!!! It was an unexpected birth with a Rastafarian family. I was called by a colleague late in the evening on Thursday night. She asked me if I would speak to a man who had just rang her for a home birth. I said of course but … More

Being a black independent midwife in Spain

So of course many of us are still digesting the Travon Martin verdict and how it impacts us as people black and non white in our daily experience. I have heard and read so much about it not only from the USA but in Europe as well. If you are not white in the ‘first … More


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