Birth of La negrita

Birth of La negrita
After 2 visits to give support in pre labour, I arrived at your home at 01;20. You are with your beautiful friend and doula. You are contracting well and all is calm, I listen to baby and wait with you for a while, learning your rhythm and song of birth. I ask if you want to be examined to see where you are and you say yes. My exam tells me you are doing well moving forward in your labour. In awhile you decide to enter the pool. It is very hot outside and the pool room is like a sauna. It is beautifully lit with candles and you enter the water like a goddess.
Together , you I and your gentle doula ride the waves of your contractions. She is ever smiling and you chat with each other, laugh with each other and find strength to continue in the space of women. Your husband goes to bed and we work into the night, bringing your daughter over the threshold and into life
At times in the water and others out of the water you meet each contraction with strength and dignity. You speak of family and cry for the loss of your father. You open to me sharing your heart, your tears and beautiful smiles. I am touched by the journey you take to bring your daughter into our world.
Instinctively you know the past must be settled in your life to make her space in the present, your wisdom shines through the night, I watch and listen, beside you.
Another exam tells us that it is time to call the final goddess to the table, and I ring our doctor. Baby is close and I feel the change in you. You enter the pool once more. She arrives, our circle of women is complete. You and I holding hands, laugh and smile and rest and wait as each contraction opens you to fully.
I tell you after some time in the water, that a change of position would help to bring your girl faster, we move to the living room and as the sun rises you walk the final steps to the birth of your daughter.
Exhausted you push with our support and love, I fall asleep at times in between your contractions,holding your hands and awaiting the next.
The moment arrives, your daughter is born!
Bolsa intact, such a gentle entrance and once on mamas tummy she brings tears to our eyes with her own precious song of life. Not a cry, but a song of her journey. Never before have I heard such a sound from a baby. I feel her spirit and know her power.
We are refreshed in the light of new life
Papa and son enter
our circle of women fades as your family circle is completed.
All normal and as it should be
At home,
and with love