About Me

Hello, my name is Krishinda Powers-Duff and I am a former NHS midwife living and working in Barcelona.

Normality in birth is my passion and I have spent over 11 years supporting beautiful families to have the birth with confidence in the setting they prefer, be it at home or in hospital, with love, dignity, and respect.

It has been my pleasure to support some of my families for their first, second and even third births and I have become one of the best known and most loved midwives in the ex-pat community.

I have a great passion for birth education and teach intensive preparation classes that educate and empower you to feel confident in your birthing and postnatal choices.

My classes are deeply informative and based in the physiology of birth. This gives parents an in-depth understanding of; how birth works, what can hinder it and replaces their fears with confidence a positive outlook.

I am a breastfeeding super nerd and have a 97% success rate for the women I support, whom many continue to feed their babies for years.

I know that one to one support is the key to having a positive; pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience and I am always there to give this support to my clients.

Having worked both in hospital and home birth I pride myself on being a truly holistic midwife giving you that extra care and support needed as you move through the medicalised maternity system or make alternative choices.

At present I have chosen to work outside of the standard system so that I can give support to women who choose to birth in ways that are considered alternative. This means I have given up my registration here in Spain, which allows me to work with women and families who would otherwise be denied medicaly trained midwifery care. Making this decesion has been a journey for me but I deeply believe that every woman should have a right to choose where and how she wants to give birth. For me to be a ‘true midwife’ is to support a womens autonomy and choices with non judgemental respect.

I also run a private charity called Casa Diosas Birth and Education Sanctuary. Initially I wanted to open a physical brirth and education centre in Catalunya but I have not been able to do this, so instead I run a small charity that gives financial help to women and families who want to have a natural loving home birth and postnatal care with Midwives in Europe and the UK and birth keepers. If you would like to access financial support for your birth or want to support my charity with a donation please contact me using the information below.

So here I am, arms wide open, full of experience and confidence in a woman’s ability to birth in normality and in her own unique way. I support women and birthing people from all over the world and am happy to support you with my bespoke one to one care.

Please feel free to contact me:

Whatsapp Barcelona midwife mobile: (34) 623285053