My beautiful colleagues

The amazing people I have the great pleasure to share your care with

The extraordinary Barcelona Doula Erika
Goddess, wise-woman and beautiful friend

“I support pregnant women, their partners & family, during pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum & breastfeeding with dignity, respect and love”
– Erika Villanueva Paravisini

The beautiful midwives, Juliette Sabounet and Mahult Behaghel

The wonderful Artemise family at Artemise Centre Feminin (from Acupunture to Kinesiology

The beautiful Pediatrician Hortensia Vallverdu

The birth and beyond goddess photographers Manuela Franjou and Mische Hamilton

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman”.

The raw, sacred power of birth is what I aim to capture in documenting this most intimate and extraordinary experience.
My name is Misché and I am a lifestyle/documentary photographer who has been capturing life’s most precious moments for the last 8 years. As a mother of two, my absolute passion lies in documenting motherhood through all its stages, especially birth.
My presence in your birth space is entirely secondary to the sacredness of your birth story and my aim is to quietly and unobtrusively honour the miracle of new life.


My photography is based on documentary photography, because I think that nothing is more beautiful than life itself, because I know that letting it happen is more beautiful than any sweetener that I can add to it. Because what you are creating is unique. Because what I want is to portray your unique and authentic story. What I wish is that when you see a photograph in a few years you remember the experience of the moment, your feelings, what it smelled like and all the magic that your story tells. I like to treat each image with the same care and delicacy, like a piece of art, so that through the light, the composition and the moment, it evokes emotions, hidden sensations.

My beautiful Chiropractors Lukas Edler and Juho Ohtonen

Since becoming a dad last year, my passion is to especially take care of families, newborns and pregnant women. I am looking forward to serving you all with my adjustments, by focusing on my 3 main values: trust, community and health! Love & Health, Lukas

I found chiropractic while practicing thaiboxing in Finland. Chiropractic helped me to prepare for an important international tournament. Seeing the results I decided to become a chiropractor myself. Now as a father of two my greatest passion is to take care of families with young children. To see how our body can heal when everything functions correctly without the need for drugs or operations is what keeps me in awe and motivated every day.

Contact me:
Whatsapp: (34) 623285053