Its been ages since I have stopped to write anything. In this time I have attended some amazing births and I must say that they have affected me so deeply that I am in the process of changing not only how I practice but how I live. I can not explain in this one blog the power and magic I have been witness to over these months that I have not blogged but suffice it to say I have been transformed.

Normal physiological birth is anything but normal. Each birth each woman each contraction is unique and in many ways with out precedent. In my very fortunate experiences I have been allowed to see this over and over. I was trained by some very wise women and there was good discussion and time given to the spirituality of birth but there was a clear separation between the physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth. These past months have opened my eyes to the fact that like everything in life there is no true separation.

The past eight births I have attended have pushed me as a midwife past my limits of understanding birth as just a physiological experience. I have been taken on many emotional and spiritual journey’s with these birthing families. I’ve been at a loss as to hoe to help and support and found the answer in just being and allowing the process whether physical, emotional or spiritual. And in letting go I have touched on something beyond the text books and believed understanding of how birth works and what a midwifes role is in this time. Through these births I have found myself exploring the concept of mindfulness and how this affects birth for the; midwife, mother, partner, baby and birth process as a whole.

I am only at the start of this new journey and I am so excited to see where it will lead me but I am sure that I am really on to something so deep and true that once I can understand it as a whole, or rather encompass it and be able to share it, I will be able to support the birthing mother, partner and baby on a much deeper energetic level.

Watch this space