Things I love

Here in Spain baby carriers are all the rage. There are all kinds and some of them are sooo confusing to use. The one I used and loved for years, up until my last child was 3 or 4 years old was the Huggababy sling. It is amazing. From birth to older child, it is comfortable and super easy to use. I want to recommend this sling highly, and if I ever have another child, not likely but who knows, I would buy another of these in a moments notice.

They also sell re useable nappies that look so cosy!!

Also there is a wee internet shop called Susumama. This lady’s name is Carli and for years I have bought multitudes of fairy wings and star pj’s from her. I also get my trade mark goddess necklace from her. Her clothes are fun and she is a lovely seller to buy from. If you want funky kids and grown up wear, then have a look at her lovely site.


  1. Hi Buddhamama, I LOVED my Huggababy too! Thanks for the link to, it sounds like just what I've been looking for. On less of a shopping note, I really want to thank you for your blog. I love reading about your learning and your work with women. Your reflections have opened a few inner doors for me too. Autumnal blessings, Ruth


  2. Thanks so much Ruth,sometimes I feel as if I am talking to and echo but there is great wisdom to be gained there as well, when I listen to whats being said.Take good care


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