Umbilical vien injection for managenent of retained placenta

My colleague
has recently told me about this procedure. I had not learned about
this in university or seen anyone use this practice, but it has been
studied and found effective under Cochorane and WHO reviews. This
method involves injecting 10 to 20 IU of syntocinon mixed with up to
30mils of saline into the placental vein. The injection sends the
utonic drug straight to where needed in the placental site to aid
separation of a retained placenta quickly and safely.
For a home
birth midwife, I feel this information is priceless. If we can avoid
transfers for retained placenta after successful births and even
possibly save the life of a woman with a pph (placenta still in),
then why are student midwives not being taught this method? It is a
cheap and safe alternative to manual removal and with this in mind
could be well used on budget stretched delivery suits all over.
Just a
(there is a how to video attached) here is the direct web site to the video