The power of women, how our clients can touch our lives

The Power of Women
The work of a midwife is truly amazing, not just in the way that most people think. Of course being present at birth of a new human being is a great joy and privilege but very often we are able to be present at a rebirth of a woman. This is a truly amazing experience.
This rebirth I am speaking of is when we see a frightened woman, or a timid woman becomes in front of  our eyes, the goddess. When she overcomes her fear and lack of belief in her self or body or both and journeys into the wood of pregnancy and birth, to retrieve the wise woman that she has always been.
You see it in their eyes and on their face, a confidence where once there was so much fear and doubt. I can never saw when the transformation will occur, and I know that it does not happen with every frightened or timid client we assist, so when I see it, I always feel such gratitude to bear witness.
When a woman takes on her journey in pregnancy and birth and accepts that within it, it may be difficult and that she may be tested to her limits, yet nonetheless accepts the work she must do to complete her journey and reveal the yet unknown power within her life, it is truly something to behold.
For me, seeing this process also reminds me that, although I am not pregnant or giving birth to a child, I am constantly pregnant with the possibility of my own growth and giving birth to a wiser woman when I allow this possibility to become reality.
Today was one of those days where I was given the opportunity to bear witness to this rebirth. This woman whom I took as a client early in her pregnancy, felt and appeared  so very fragile and lost. In our first meeting, I was charged with positive and loving energy and ready to support her with what she needed to really grow in this pregnancy. During our first meeting she shared her fragile heart with me, showing me that she needed all I had to give.
But today, on seeing this woman, one month and a half later, I was astounded at the breathtaking woman who entered my office. Glowing with joy and confidence, over that month and a half, she had gone into the wood, and found her power. She said she felt she was still in the midst of her rebirth, but to me, I could see that she had already given birth to the goddess she has always been.
How could I have failed to be greatly uplifted by this wondrous site.