The first 3

It has been a long while since I have posted anything on my blog. I have been very busy and learning a lot over these past few months. I wanted to share a bit of this on the blog. This blog is a over view of my first 3 clients.

 My first 3 clients have been a wonder. They have all delivered now and I have seen all but one of them through to their 6 week check and end of our time together.

My experience with them has been amazing. I have challenged my own preconceived ideas based on first appearances, with a lovely May to December couple. The partner was over 60 years old while my client was 26. This was one of the most loving couples I have ever met and they subsequently labored and delivered their first child beautifully well and quickly. She delivered in 5 hours, from start to finish. Their openness towards me and love for each other were a joy to be apart of and as first clients, I was truly fortunate.
I also had the wonderful fortune of caring for a first time mother who was a vet. She was so natural with her pregnancy and birth and although she had the risk factor of Hypothyroidism, her pregnancy and birth were smooth. So smooth that she actually delivered solo. She rang me whit moderate contractions at 5 min intervals and hour later and 5 min before I walked through the door, she delivered her beautiful first daughter solo. All were well and I managed to catch the placenta. It was funny, because the evening before I had given her an aromatherapy massage and during the visit we spoke about free birthing. Just as a topic, they never intended to free birth, but there it was.
My final clients were a lovely same sex young couple. They struck me from the start as very special and loving women. Although they were young, they were very together and had manage to become pregnant with the assistance of a close friend and a home insemination. My client had a highish risk factor as her BMI was very high, but I took them on because our doctor felt this was something we could work with at home. She labored slowly but with great strength and stamina but finally in the end we had to transfer for lack of progress. This was a difficult case fr me as I felt there were many similarities with my own birthing experiences and hers, she even delivered on my sons birth day. She also went on to have real problems with breast feeding and baby lost a kilo in weight by day 10.
This was a very frightening experience for me, this being my first real problem since qualifying. But with the amazing support of my colleagues and the absolute trust given to us by my client, baby was over birth weight by day 17 and she is still breast feeding! All of these clients and their families will stay with me as will their births and postnatal experiences, because they have been my first.