From my clients

I have recently asked my clients to share their birth stories in writing. I think its a good thing for them to do for themselves but also it helps me to carry on when it feels I am fighting a losing battle for normality here in Spain. I hope you enjoy these as I have.

Mrs B

for our second baby we´d decided to do the dilatation at home with Krish and dash to hospital for the birth. in the months preceding Krish came to our house and gave me wonderful relaxing massages (and coach my husband) and she helped allay my fears (first homebirth didn´t go accoding to plan) and really helped my husband and i clarify what we really wanted from her and from each other for this baby´s birth. My 3 year old fell head over heals in love with her from the start too, which helped enormously for all visits.
 on the night of due date my waters broke but 12 hours later still no contractions, so an induction was scheduled to my dismay. However, knowing we had Krishinda with us, the gynocologist gave us a wider window for things to kick off naturally than if we´d been alone. Krish helped us keep calm and that night Krish came to give me a massage – then 2 hours later our baby girl was with us, born at home with much joy!

 having Krishinda´s loving wise presence gave me the peace of mind to relax and let go, knowing that she would take charge if needs be, but that she thoroughly trusted me to birth as nature intended. Krish encoraged my husband to take the role we wanted, while she remained inobtrusive and when the contractions were really intense she came and pressed my back in such a way that the pain just disappeared.  Her after care, both at home and at Marenostrum, was so kind and gentle too, and i felt comfortable that i wasn´t bothering her if i needed to call and ask about any concerns – i wasn´t used to having such an easy, sleeping baby!   With Krish´s knowldge and experience i knew that if she wasn´t worried, i had nothing to worry about.

I´m convinced that having had such a quick, joyous, healing birth, and a subseqently happy post partum with a chilled baby is in large part down to Krishinda.

Mrs M

 She made a wonderfull work with us. She gave us all her support,all her knowledge and heart, before,during and after the birth of Nathan. She’s an excellent midwife,she knows in a deep way how to react in every situation. Excellent with breast feeding, mammy’s and baby health and of course all the psycologial support. I do agree and share her philosophy of life and health. And above all, she’ s a wonderfull person! 

Mrs E

I have to thank you deeply, you were a huge help and support during the home part of the birth… I remember and salute your infinite patience the first night, holding my hand at every contraction, reassuring me, BEING there. Then letting me shovel my big body over yours when I couldn’t stand, and always talking in a soothing voice.
Good memories.