Biging us up

Well actually it’s not so exciting but a good title. I have been blogging for awhile but never really say where I work as I felt it may break some kind of anonymity with my clients. But I have changed my mind. The canter I work with is sooo amazing I want people to know about it. So if you are reading this from Barca or know some one living here who is having or considering having a baby, please share this information with them.

I work with a group of Spanish but British trained midwives attached to the natural health center Marenostrum.
Marenostrum was started about 15 years ago by and amazing doctor and women, Ortruid Linderman. She is well known in the field of medical Homeopathy and has written a book on natural child birth called ‘Pregnancy and Natural Birth’

She supported and cared for me during my pregnancy and birth of my last child 9 years ago, which was the main inspiration for my becoming a midwife. Marenostrum is also equipped with a team of truly special people who work in natural health and support our clients and their families.

So as I said, if you have family or friends pregnant in Barcelona or within the area, please let them know about our center. My colleagues are the most wonderful midwives and ladies to work with. My two colleagues, Maria and Sonia have also written a beautiful book,

Of course these are in Spanish, but we are in Spain.

Thanks for letting me plug my work; I do dearly love it and know we make a real difference to women and their families.