Soul food

Yesterday, I met up with two colleagues, one from the states and one from the UK. It was so lovely and assuring to share stories, experiences and wisdom. As a midwife, it is not easy to share your experiences with those in your life. Of course people are interested, but to the untrained or inexperienced ear, much is lost in translation. The simple joy of recanting a story to someone who understands your language is never under rated. Of course not all midwives, like not all people, are on the same wave link, but when they are, it is such a pleasure to reaffirm and be reaffirmed by your piers.

We, my colleagues and I, also had our monthly debrief. This month has started with a bit of a bang, and we have had a couple of close moments when things could have gone very pear shaped very fast, but our training and fortune held through and all has been well. These moments can shake you and I find this the very reason it is important to work with a team. Talking things over and the support is a powerful tool to keep you well inside and feet on the ground as well as a safe practitioner.

This kind of interaction is a kind of ‘soul food’ for midwives. It nourishes our hearts and minds and gives us food for thought. Without this I think we can become weak in the spirit of what we do and in my case at least, I deeply need and enjoy these moments to refuel my soul.

So a big up to my Midwife ladies, student midwifes, doula, and all round wise women out there. Please feel free to comment or start a discussion, all positivity is welcome and challenging thought appreciated.