Eating your placenta

I wanted to start to share recipes on this blog, so I will start with our famous Placenta Smoothie. Eating or in our case, drinking the placenta, is done by many woman world wide. Some feel that the benefits of placentophagia are not supported by credible evidence but many people feel and there is evidence to suggest that eating the placenta can aid in warding off postnatal depression and help the mother regain the energy expounded during child birth. No matter what you think, it is a lovely ritual and I enjoy preparing our “cocktail de amor” for our clients. Its a real right of passage.

Cocktail de Amor

fresh fruit, citrus is best eg oranges, mandarins,clementines and berries
honey, a real nice one
and large coin sized piece of placenta, just the fleshy bit, not gritty or chewy bits x 2 for both parents

add juice of fresh squeezed oranges enough for a small glass full or two for two
add fruit, berries ect
and honey, to taste, I use a massive spoonful 
blend al well with a soup stick mixer and serve in the nicest glasses available

more information concerning this ritual can be found here

or search

Placentophagia: Benefits of Eating the Placenta,This Age-old Tradition Has Some Surprising Benefits