The nicest thing and gratitude

One of the nicest things about being a midwife is when you visit a woman just after her birth, specially when you were present at the event. To see this woman, now a mother, regardless of if its for the first time or fifth, is an amazing gift. Watching a family being born is an amazing thing.  I always loved this part of the job, when I was a student and it is even more beautiful and amazing now that I am qualified.

It must be because, the last few births I have attended have been with women who had to battle in some way to have the birth the wanted, and to see them through this and behold what they have become on the other side. has really moved me deeply. The first visits I have had with my first 3 deliveries here have been so wonderful. I have thanked each woman and there partners for allowing me to take part in their life changing experiences.

I do this because I feel deeply grateful for being allowed to enter their very private and sacred space and share in the power and wonder of it all. I hope I never get to a point in my practice when I can’t feel or express my gratitude for this experience.