The begining

The beginning

This is not actually the start because I have been at this now for about a month, but have just had my first catches this week. I finished my midwifery education in September of this year and following my long kept dream, began working with a group of home birth midwives in Barcelona, mid October.

This dream began to take shape when I was living in Barcelona and became pregnant with my 3rd child. The services that were offered to me at that time by the government health service, left me feeling lost afraid and angry, so I found a private group of Homeopathic midwives, two to be exact, who cared for me through out that pregnancy and changed my life. Birth can be a life changing experience for any woman, for good or bad, and I was fortunate for it to be for the better. So after moving back to the UK, I decided to train as a midwife and dreamt of working for the same midwives who touched my life so deeply. Five years later, I am American and had to do 2 extra years of study before I could go to a British university, I am qualified and working in Barcelona with my dream midwives.

It was not easy to train as a midwife and many times I wanted to give up and walk away. I spent the past 5 years away from my children most of the time, either studying or working in hospital or in the community and I gave up all hope of a social life. But now that I am here I could not be prouder of myself or more grateful to my my family and friends for supporting me in the way they have.

So with this said, I thought it would be good to keep a record of my experiences as a newly qualified working in a very alternative way in a foreign country to myself. If you decide to read this, I hope you enjoy it and some of it is an inspiration to you. Having 3 kids, I am unsure how often I will update this blog, but I know my experiences will push me to do so often.


  1. Well done! I had no idea how much time and effort went into your certification, or what the backstory was that inspired you. I did know that the wonderful woman I knew back in Washington DC 20 odd years ago (!)seemed well suited to the work you're now taking on. You've always been a loving and nurturing prescence. I look forward to reading more of your story, and wish you much success and happiness in Barcelona.


  2. I know what it is like to sacrifice to achieve your educational objective. Your efforts in gaining entrance into your profession has aligned you with your desires and you will find deep and personal satisfaction along the path you can now follow. With love and admiration you are held in my thoughts.Dad


  3. What a wonderful accomplishment! It's marvelous to know that you have reached one of your dreams, no matter how hard it was. You are an inspiration!Maggie Scheie-Lurie (from Belmont district in DC, many years ago)


  4. Hello, I would love to meet you! I am an American living in Barcelona and have also been thinking about studying midwifery in the UK to later practice in Spain. If you have the time and/or interest is there any way we could get together in Barcelona for a coffee or something? The fact that you made it happen, with 3 kids on top of it all (!), is inspiring. If you can meet please let me know and I'll send you my contact details. Thanks! Regan


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